Telling the story of a brand new company

Becoming HeyHuman wasn’t just a change of name or skin, but a whole new direction for the company ethos.

Within a small rebrand team, I was the UX and digital lead. In the early stages we were very much exploring what exactly HeyHuman would be – branding, guidelines and tone of voice were still being developed. I ran sessions to determine who we were making the site for and what they needed from us, as well as establishing the business needs.

We looked at our competitors to distinguish what reflected us as a brand and just as importantly this helped us understand what the new brand definitely wasn’t.

We explored interactions, navigation patterns, flows, with sites like Codepen and Codrops providing a wealth of inspiration.

The project was a perfect opportunity to introduce Agile methodology to the company. Bringing in scrums and working from a backlog of user stories, we collaboratively produced wireframes, designs and developed iteratively. By having stand ups with stakeholders every day, we we able to spot problems early on and evolve the project as the brand itself grew.

I wanted the navigation to be very intuitive. So instead of relying on a top nav (but with a burger fallback), I included plenty of subtle navigational elements and a big menu that sits at the bottom of every page, users would be able to freely move around the site without ever feeling lost.

Core to the site would be storytelling. Instead of overwhelming with endless case studies, I wanted to tell emotive stories and engage the user with a few really great pieces. It would be a really easy site to explore and really capture the emotion of why our focus on human behaviour meant more to brands.

We’ve had amazing feedback for the HeyHuman branding and people love the site.

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For HeyHuman
Design by Anthony Boulton and Ellie Matthissen

HeyHuman Home wireframe

HeyHuman Contact Wireframe

HeyHuman Story