Turning a treasure hunt into a habit

With only a loose game idea of ‘find the Hidden Sony Xperia Z1 on a map’ and given 2 weeks to deliver a brand new site for Sony, UX time was going to be squeezed.

Adopting lean techniques, I led the definition of the user journey with the creative team, technical lead and designers all contributing. To define the site content, I quickly ran a workshop, using card sorting to define the site structure.

Working directly with the designer, we sketched and created visuals at the same time, tweaking and amending into a late night session. Within 2 days I had flows and the initial prototype wireframes ready for the developers to begin coding.

Helped by clues on the site, the user would place a marker on a Google map to locate the phone. Playing with the ‘hot and cold’ children’s game, I wanted the experience to be really easy to use and addictive by teasing the user with a ‘target’ of how close their guess was to the Z1, providing a circular hook.

With prompts to try again and by repeating the experience, users would form a habit that would see them keep coming back across the 4 weeks of the campaign.

  • 41% incremental conversions for the Xperia Z1 for those exposed to the HIDDEN campaign
  • Consideration, favourability and recommendation of the Z1 specifically improved following the campaign
  • More than 98,000 Facebook engagements. – Upwards of 30,000 people entered the competition
  • More than 75,000 visited the HIDDEN website – 532,000-plus video views

For Billington Cartmell
Design by Ellie Matthissen and Ralph Peskett

See the Desktop Wireframes
See the Mobile Wireframes